2021 Spring Cleaning

2021 Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time to get rid of old items and start anew. Seasons are changing and some things also have to change in people’s’ lives. With that, it is time to put away all the winter clothes and take out the warmer spring outfits. 

For clothes, a good way to know if it is time to get rid of an item is if the outfit has not been worn in the past two years. With the pandemic, this might not be the case so do not base everything off that statement. Fancier outfits most likely have not been worn during quarantine, so don’t get rid of it if you haven’t worn it that recently. Everyone has some clothes that they keep because they think they are going to wear it at some point but they never do. It might be a good idea to get rid of these clothes and make room in the drawer for new ones. If you have a favorite shirt but it is getting too small, it might be time to get a new favorite. 

When getting rid of clothes don’t just throw them out. Only throw them out if they have stains, ripping, or just look gross. There are many places to give old clothes. Clothes can be given to friends or family as hand-me-downs. There are also so many places that clothes can be donated to: homeless shelters, thrift stores, goodwill, etc.. More expensive clothes can also be sold online to get some money back. Getting rid of clothes just means having room for more. Styles change and people grow, so don’t hold onto clothes that you are never going to wear just to have them. Get clothes that you like and that make you happy to wear, don’t just have clothes that everyone has or that you used to like. 

Spring is the perfect time to go through everything you have and get rid of what you don’t want. It is time to clean your room from quarantine. Many people haven’t cleaned their rooms because it was quarantine and no one was going to see it. The pandemic is still going on but there is a vaccine now. People might be seeing your room sooner than you think, and you don’t want it to look like a mess! 

When cleaning your room, do not just move things around, or shove them under your bed. Actually go through them and see if you really want to keep the item. Look through the items and get rid of anything that you will probably never use again. It is the perfect time to get rid of old toys and items. It might be time to part with anything that hasn’t been used in the past 3 years. After going through everything make sure to put everything away neatly and organized. Do not just throw it into a random corner. Place it where you are going to remember it and think it belongs. Donate anything that is in good condition but you don’t want to sell. 

Spring cleaning can get boring after a while, but push through and you will be so much happier afterwards. Play music, have the tv on in the background, and take breaks. Spring cleaning is something that many people dread, but everyone has to do it at some point. Remember the quicker you get rid of the old stuff, the sooner you can get new items to fill their spots.