Winter Fashion 2021

The 2021 Women’s and Men’s newest winter trends!!

Women’s Fashion

Ahh, yes, winter–the season of giving. Or maybe just the season of not giving a care what you look like. As the weather gets colder, even the most dedicated style enthusiasts start to value staying warm and cozy over presenting a nice exterior look. Thankfully, there are easy ways to stay warm while still looking presentable. And this season, designers seem to have been especially sympathetic to our plight.

  • Seventies- Quite possibly the most emulated decade in terms of fashion, certain seventies styles are once again present on the runways. This includes corduroy, tan, prints, and boot cut pants in particular.
  • Puffer Jackets- When faced with this trend, I cannot help but recall fond childhood memories of being forced into a jacket that looked completely oversized, and non- flattering. But who am I to disagree with the fashion gods? The designers say puffer jackets, and I oblige. Besides, we have to keep warm somehow! 
  • Velvet- Smooth, soft, and so very stylish, velvet is the thing to wear this season. Present in the majority of jackets and a wide variety of other garments as well, nothing says winter like velvet. The only problem with this style is the inevitable inability to keep one’s fingers off the fabric. 
  • Statement Shoulders- Don’t freak out, the time statement shoulders have evolved from what they were in the eighties. No longer simply oversized shapeless pads to be stuffed in jackets, this time shoulders are shaped. Pointed, puffed, rounded, and overwhelmingly large, I like to think of this trend as redemption for the decade that was the shame of the twentieth century. 
  • Boho- Finally, a winter look that doesn’t constrict. It’s rare to see something so go-with-the-flow in the midst of the cold season. But thankfully, this trend isn’t cold at all. In fact, maxi-skirts are one of the only alternatives to pants which keep someone’s legs nice and toasty.


Men’s Fashion

The men’s and women’s fashion industries have rarely agreed on as much as they do this season. Maybe because of the gender barriers breaking down, male and female fashions are so tightly knit this season, that they are hardly distinguishable. On the bright side, there are just enough differences in the styles to keep them captivating. 

  • Print- A momentous trend from last season remains to be worn again. I love the variety of the static fashion industry, but when a style perseveres for more than one season, it’s convenience is certainly notable. Not to mention, why put added stress on one’s wallet, when one can wear what they already have?
  • Denim- You might not like me for saying this, but there’s very little that can’t be worn with denim. As long as you get the right shade, in my opinion denim is very multifunctional. And it’s common enough that no one would notice or care if you wear this trend two days in a row. 
  • Seventies- Yes, the exact same trend I just listed under women’s fashion. Still, it would be a gross journalistic miscarriage if I overlooked the seventies trend for men. The same things that were present in women’s fashion, are big here. Corduroy, tan, prints, and boot cut pants in particular will give you the desired disco vibes. 
  • Cross-body bags- Finally, a convenient way for men to carry around belongings that isn’t a backpack. Or a fanny pack. Oh, ew just the idea of a fanny pack is stylistically nauseating. Cross-body bags are simple, masculine, and so very convenient. It’s about time that designers recognized the need for a garment like this. 
  • Gloves- Okay, I know that this trend is mostly to provide warmth, but who else is rejoicing their multifunctionality of protecting against COVID-19?! Classy, elegant, and with so much territory to express individuality, gloves are extremely in this season.