Holiday Snacks and Desserts

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to hit the kitchen! With most senses of normalcy taken from us this holiday season and tons of extra time on our hands, now is the perfect opportunity to whip up some delicious and creative treats that will make up for any disappointments. Whether you want to make these snacks and desserts for yourself or for others, they are sure to be a crowd favorite and bring holiday joy to everyone! 

One great holiday idea is to make a Christmas snack mix. It includes a delicious blend of popcorn and miniature pretzels, topped with a white chocolate coating. You can also add M&Ms, sprinkles, and mini marshmallows, and additionally, you can alter the ingredients to your liking as well! This would be a great snack idea for watching one of your favorite holiday movies and relaxing by the fireplace. All in all, this is definitely an easy go-to snack idea that both tastes and looks great! Another snack idea is holiday salsa. This spicy, delicious mix of cranberries, cilantro, and jalapeno, all blended in with cream cheese, will definitely bring the holiday spirit! 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? People of all ages enjoy any food that is topped or made with this simple and delicious sweet-treat. For all of the chocolate lovers out there, a perfect treat that you can make for the holidays is chocolate truffles. They are bite sized, perfect for a group of people, and can easily be decorated in festive colors and toppings. Since truffles are usually only made for occasions or holidays, they will be seen as a very special addition to your get-together. Each bite is a taste of heaven, as the inside is filled with a rich, smooth texture. Any type of chocolate can be used, which helps tailor this dessert to the liking of you and/or your guests!

Last but not least are the pinnacle of the holidays… cookies! There are a countless variety of cookies that can be made, which means there is no end to how creative you can get. Some favorites include gingerbread, sugar, and snowball cookies. Starting with gingerbread, these cookies are a classic treat during the holiday season! With spices such as cinnamon and ginger, they can be filled with flavor in many ways. Sugar cookies are also crowd favorites, as they are simple to make, and can be made into a fun activity or decorating competition with friends! With many different shapes and endless arrays of icing, they can truly become your own creation! Lastly, snowball cookies are great bite size treats that are sure to bring joy to the table. These treats are made of a dougy blend of butter, flour, and sugar, and are mixed with pecans, and finally, are covered with powdered sugar. 

Overall, with so many choices of treats for the holidays, everyone is sure to have a unique and creative arrangement. Any of the mentioned ideas can be adjusted to your preference, in order to make sure they are an enjoyable delight. There is no better way to uplift this holiday season than with simple and easy snacks/desserts that are sure to bring a smile to your face!

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