Holiday Decorating 2020

Holiday Decorating 2020

Aleksandra Graic, Staff Writer

We all know it can get extremely stressful trying to match our holiday decorations perfectly. Really, we are missing the whole point. The holidays are the best time of the year! The decorations are simply supposed to bring joy. Use the decorations to light up your home for the holiday season.  It should be decorated in a way that makes you happy–make sure you do it in style. Use this guide as inspiration to find your own festive happiness!

It Is All About The Garland!

First thing’s first, go BIG on garland!  Every home has some place they could wrap it around or attach it to. If there is a stairwell that could use some festivity, or a room that needs excitement, don’t hesitate to put up some garland.  It is the perfect decoration for any room and it does not take up much space. You can also play with it and find new creative ways to put it up.  

There are many different types of garland that you can choose from. And, if all else fails, you can even make your own!  When dealing with larger spaces green garland would be your best bet. Since it is larger the tree-like garland will keep the space classy, but homey.  But remember, the garland should bring out the holidays, so be sure to include some lights or ornaments with it. In contrast, when working with smaller spaces a more colorful garland will look better. Using a tree garland would close up the space and take away its coziness. A splash color and shine would display the holiday spirit while still keeping things nice and cozy!

Color Schemes

Color schemes are a common way of matching decorations and keeping things organized.  These colors can be expressed through ornaments, lights, garlands, nicknacks, tablecloths, tabletoppers, pillows, blankets, and many more. They can be aligned with the holiday, or simply based off the room.

Common holiday color schemes consist of two or three colors: most often red and gold, blue and silver, and red and green. Rooms that are mainly filled with light neutrals match best with simpler color schemes.  If your furniture is a light shade of beige or gray, traditional colors like red and gold, or blue and silver might work the best.  

If you are looking to just go crazy and not pay attention to color, feel free to play with the decorations and put them where they fit best. This can work for any room that is “dull” in color.  With the right balance of colors, this method can create a winter wonderland. Colorful lights work great with this set up as well. This can be a useful way of decorating when you do not have decorations that match with a particular scheme. 

No Such Thing As Too Much!

Do not be afraid to over decorate. Cluttering can be just as beautiful, but in the right places. One of the easiest places to over clutter for a beautiful look is the center of attention: the tree.  When over decorating, it is reasonable to have a color scheme to keep things organized. Without a desired color palette, cluttering can easily turn into chaos.  Be sure to include variety in your “clutter.”  Try to use different shaped ornaments and bows to spice things up. Size plays a big role in this as well. Don’t forget the garland; it can be thrown in multiple directions for a fun effect.

Another common and easy place to over decorate would be the mantel. Mantels are often traced with some garland and maybe hold a few candles. To over clutter this free space, be sure to include figurines and perhaps even some small Christmas trees. Lights would also do a great job in brightening up the space.  

The BIG Picture 

In all this holiday sweetness make sure to not forget the big picture. The point of this activity is to have fun, and make your home look festive in the process. One of the best ways to do this is to make it a family activity. Remember, none of this stuff is really important as long as you are satisfied with it. Your home should be your winter wonderland, so make it yours.  Decorating is an artform that is purely based on joy. And, if you wish to make things even more festive, bake some cookies, make a gingerbread house, turn holiday decorating into a day of fun and celebration!