Halloween Activities and Entertainment


Katherine Gurda, Staff Writer

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many different activities that you can participate in to celebrate Halloween. Whether you plan to do something with a group of friends or by yourself, there are many opportunities to have fun while staying safe.

Visiting a pumpkin patch is always a popular fall festivity, and this year is hardly different. After you’ve picked a pumpkin out of the seemingly endless options, you can choose to paint it, carve it, or even do both. While painting a pumpkin creates less of a mess than carving one, wearing old clothes is definitely beneficial no matter which route you choose. Before you start, pick a design to either carve or paint—you might be inspired by traditional Halloween subjects, or you may find your inspiration elsewhere. The choice is yours! You can even turn it into a group activity by inviting friends to come along, since it’s easy to social distance while painting or carving. If you want to add a competitive flair, compare the pumpkins at the end and choose a winner. 

Another iconic (and COVID-friendly) Halloween tradition that you can do this fall is “BOO”-ing your friends. In this activity, you can make a basket of treats, little games/activities, and anything else that you think your friends would love. After you put all of the items in a container or tie them up with a festive ribbon, you can either print up a note or make one yourself, informing your friend that they have been “BOOed”. Keeping the note anonymous is part of the fun—your friends will have to guess who the mysterious gift-giver might be. Once you have everything ready, place the basket on your friend’s doorstep—then ring the doorbell and run away. See if that person could figure out who “BOOed” them. 

If you want to do something creative, you can also pick a costume and dress up for Halloween. The more effort you put into your costume, the more fun you will have with friends and family. If you want to make it a contest, you can invite your friends to dress up as well. Compare who has the best costume, with extra points for creativity. There are many different options for making this COVID-safe: staying outside, keeping social distance, wearing masks, or even meeting up with your friends over Zoom. 

If you don’t want to leave your house on Halloween but you do want to enjoy the holiday spirit, you can bake something. There are endless Halloween recipes on websites like Pinterest, and you can always put your own personal twist on them and see what different designs you can come up with. This activity comes with a plus side; you get to eat whatever you make afterwards. 

Spending time watching some scary movies is another great way to spend the day if you do not feel like going out. There are tons of different Halloween movies to choose from, so it should be easy to find one that you like—whether you like scary movies or you don’t, there’s something for everyone. Horror movies are also great alternatives to traditional Halloween movies. If you want to involve more people while maintaining social distance, then you can either set up a screen and a projector outside, or you can use an extension cord to bring a TV out.

Even during a global pandemic, there are still so many different Halloween activities that can be done safely. Although it might seem tricky at first, getting a group of friends together is still possible all while staying socially distanced. In the end, there are many ways you can make this Halloween unforgettable.