Best Places to Explore and Visit in Fall


Now that fall is officially here, there are many places to visit and countless things to do to celebrate the season. Although this year is different from most and Halloween parties and other annual activities will most likely be postponed, there are many other things you can do to enjoy this season while also ensuring the safety of yourself and others. However, keep in mind to visit these places at your own discretion and remember to wear a mask and social distance. Some of the places you don’t want to miss this fall are:


Garret Mountain Reservation: 

Garret Mountain Reservation is the perfect place to spend a fall afternoon. There are several trails you can choose from to hike on, countless picnic areas, and breathtaking views. If you want to get some fresh air as well and see some stunning scenery then you should check it out.


Laurelwood Arboretum:

Laurelwood Arboretum features trails, gardens, wildlife, ponds, streams as well as hundreds of varieties of unique species of plants and trees. If you visit, then you’ll find there is something to do for everyone. It is the perfect place for nature lovers, hikers, runners, birdwatchers, artists and photographers.


Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park:

Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park is a park known for its remarkable views. It’s main attraction is the waterfalls located in the center of the park. It is the perfect place to visit before the weather gets too cold to enjoy the falls. There are paths that you can take where you can see the falls from all angles.


Demarest Farms: 

Apple and pumpkin picking are some classic fall activities we look forward to every year. This year you can still make them a possibility by visiting Demarest Farms. They have implemented many new procedures and rules to help ensure the safety of all their guests, and you’ll find many of your favorite fall  hobbies and many more here as well. 

These are just some of the places you can visit to make the most of the season despite the conditions we are all facing. Remember to have fun and stay safe!