Fall Fashion Trends for Men and Women

Women: This Fall women’s fashion is unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. Even the highest grade of couture is embracing comfort in their clothing. Most of the high-end looks are somewhat quarantine inspired, and the best way to dress this Fall is by bringing the indoors out into the world. 

  1. Patchwork- Let’s face it, we’ve all secretly wished that we could cozy up with a quilt and stay at home instead of showing up to school. While that still seems like an appealing option to me, the closest alternative at this point is patchwork clothing. Blanket dressing isn’t a new concept, but it’s certainly being taken to new heights this fall. Who says comfort is irrelevant in fashion?
  2. Metallics- A nice contrast to the barrage of plaid and prints this season, metallic pieces are certainly something to keep an eye out for during your shopping. Bringing back memories of the runways in 2016, they can add a bit of life to even the dullest of fall looks. 
  3. Capes- Not the billowing-behind-a-super-hero kind, the Saks-fifth-avenue-early-sixties kind rather. Especially exciting is the fact that this season, designers have given the OK for capes to be worn in place of coats. It’s good news that capes are back in, especially considering how quarantine has gotten us all so used to being comfortable and cozy.
  4. Plaid- More a winter staple than a fall one, plaid is coming in early this year. And right when we need it, too. For me at least, finding the motivation to get dressed at 6 am isn’t the easiest. Thankfully, the universal applications of plaid make for a much simpler morning. 
  5. Fringe- The return was inevitable. What better way to use clothes as a depiction of one’s fraying mental state? Fringe is a lot of attitudes coupled with minimal stylistic inconvenience. My only possible critique could be that one should limit movement in fringe, lest he/she creates an impossible tangle. 

Men: Streetwear is becoming obscure in the world of men’s fashion, dramatic business styles have dominated the Fall 2020 runways. In addition to statement colors and dramatic prints, the recurring theme of the Fall 2020 season? Looks that can keep you warm while the polar ice caps try for the opposite. 

  1. Oversized pea coats- Pea coats, a look so classic that I couldn’t say it made a comeback. It simply never went out of style. These pea coats however are a bit bigger than those worn in the past. Tailored to a size much larger than conventional, oversized pea coats are a great way to keep warm while keeping up with the fashion industry.
  2. Red- If you could pick one color to wear this season, pick red. Red is everywhere in Fall 2020. Red coats. Red shirts. Red ties. Red, red, red. Really, there’s enough diversity to build an entire wardrobe from red alone. And don’t think that you’ll need anything else at all. Thanks to this season’s monochrome trend, red on red is a go. 
  3. Monochrome- Well, one thing I can say for this trend: simplicity. Matching clothes was never so effortless as when all you have to do is match the color. And don’t be afraid to layer it on either, the more the merrier. Blocking to the max is quick, easy, and never fails to look effortless. 
  4. Cardigans- I can’t say for sure the origin of this trend, but I’d like to think that Taylor Swift had a hand in it. So now, everyone can find that old cardigan under someone’s bed and call it their favorite. Actually, no shade to Taylor but please buy a new, less outdated cardigan. Especially if you’re going to wear it all season. 
  5. Leather- I don’t know where the “bad boy’s wear leather” stigma came from, but I cannot help disagreeing. At least in the context of this season, leather is for everyone. Leather on leather is encouraged, and no garment is exempt from the craze. Especially pants and blazers.