How to Make the Best of Halloween 2020

It is officially spooky season, and Halloween 2020 is sure to be unlike the others. With numerous safety guidelines, social distancing, and mask requirements, many worry that this Halloween won’t be able to be celebrated. Although many of the usual components that make Halloween all that it is will have to be changed, there are still many safe and fun ways to make this holiday one to remember! 

For countless years, trick-or-treating has always been a main Halloween tradition. Excluding the Halloween of 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit, this generation’s kids have gone out every single year house to house, celebrating the holiday by collecting their favorite candy. However, amid the pandemic, trick-or-treating may have to be a little different this year, but this doesn’t mean it can’t still be a fun activity. As long as kids stay six feet apart and wear a proper mask, they can still go out to houses who are comfortable with giving out candy and trick-or-treat as they usually would. Keeping a safe distance is very important, and as long as all safety guidelines are followed, this night can still be a memorable one!

Another way to make this a fun holiday is to spend time with friends/family. A safe way to enjoy the night could be to watch fan-favorite Halloween movies, such as Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc. Make sure to have your favorite candy out to get even more into the Halloween spirit! Additionally, a great way to safely spend this holiday can be playing games, all while being socially distanced. Murder mystery games are a classic and entertaining way to spend time with friends/family and get some competition going. Especially with a Halloween theme, this can liven up the night in a spooky and fun way. 

Who doesn’t love dessert? Especially with Halloween colors and decorations, fun and festive foods can be made by yourself or with others. The simplest cupcake can be turned into a spooky and scary treat. Baking can also be turned into a fun competition, where whoever makes the creepiest creation earns a Halloween prize. You can also give out your sweets to friends/family so they can enjoy a delicious dessert. 

Halloween can still be a memorable, safe holiday as long as everyone acknowledges the importance of staying socially distanced and wearing a proper mask. Keeping these alternatives in mind, we hope that your Halloween is still an enjoyable day!