Faces of the 2020: Kelsey Lauckner, A Senior’s First Week

On a bright and early September morning, Cohort B took their first steps into Wayne Valley High School since March. Bright red one-way signs were scattered on the floor along with giant arrows. The unfilled hallways seemed to echo the footsteps of nervous senior, Kelsey Lauckner, 17. “It didn’t feel normal to wear a mask. It felt empty. It’s just different, in a weird way.” 

Despite the confusing schedules and new rules, Lauckner was glad she decided to go hybrid. “It’s my senior year; it’s an opportunity to see my friends,” she smiled.  

“Going to school is better than staying home,” Lauckner said honestly. “At home, you’re just staring at a computer screen all day, you don’t get to see anyone else or move around.” 

Although she prefers going to school, she still likes all virtual Wednesdays the best. “We get to sleep in later and classes are shorter. Even though we go to every class, it seems to go by so much faster than regular block scheduling,” Lauckner grinned. 

She is trying to make the best of her senior year even though it’s tough to keep track of all the new schedules and assignments. “Overall, it’s a relief to be back in school even if everything isn’t completely back to normal.”