Senior Goodbye – Nathaniel Simon


My journey as a writer began in 5th grade, when I proudly started the school newspaper at Packanack Elementary School. At George Washington Middle School I joined the newspaper staff and it was fun to be part of that group. Then I had the opportunity to write articles for Smoke Signals. Writing, taking new classes, and being with friends at Wayne Valley have made my high school years good years. You too will have, or already have, special activities and people to remember, and the 4 years will pass quickly and happily. This year, however, is different. We are stuck at home only going out to buy  toilet paper, food, and other necessities. Then we return home to isolation.

Now our high school journey is coming to an end, even though this is not how we expected our year to end. Who would have thought that we would live through a pandemic? If you want to get mad, then you can blame everything on whomever or whatever you want, but it won’t fix anything. All you have to do is make lemonade out of those lemons being thrown at you, unless of course you don’t like lemonade, in which case you’re out of luck. What is happening now in the world is more important than the activities and ceremonies we are missing. Don’t sweat the details about schools reopening and everything being put on hold, because you have a few months at the least to figure them out. But don’t forget to tackle those problems head on when you can. If you are having trouble functioning under these stressful situations, then reach out to your teachers or other school staff. I am sure they will help you. After all, we all need to support each other in times of crisis. Finally for those worried about what to do when tomorrow comes around the corner, let me give you some advice. Don’t stress right now. Do what you enjoy as a person, and you will feel happier. Keep in touch with friends and family, and look to make new friends. Set goals for yourself, and take little steps to make progress. Don’t be afraid to tackle new challenges, for they will make you stronger as a person. Tomorrow will be what tomorrow will be. Go For It!