Senior Goodbye- Sophia Prossilis

It’s strange to write this article knowing that we won’t be back in school to edit, layout, and work on our last edition of the newspaper. Watching the articles we received turn into a collection of paper you can hold and flip through was a process I loved. In the years that I was a part of Smoke Signals, I got to write, edit, and finally work with Julin and Abby as Editor in Chief. Along with Julin and Abby, I worked hard to focus our articles on topics that were notable, informational, and important. With everything that happened this year, we sure did not run out of topics to discuss.

Writing for the paper never stopped being my favorite part; as much as I loved to edit, writing my own and reading other articles, and sorting them into possible pages was so much fun. I am so happy to have experienced this club with Julin and Abby, who I feel I have been working alongside all four years of high school. I would advise underclassmen to find those people who push you academically and join scary new clubs with you. Having the opportunity to honor our Wayne Valley students through “Student Spotlights,” find out how people were feeling through “Faces in the Crowd,” and inform students with more hard hitting topics is one I am so grateful for.

Next year I will be attending Drexel University to complete my B.S. in Biology/ M.S. Physician Assistant 5 year program. I hope to continue to incorporate writing into my college experience and am so glad I joined and got to experience Wayne Valley’s Smokes Signals. High school flew by, but I am happy to have something with my name signed under it, along with the countless memories, to show for it. Mrs. Nazarko and Mrs. Hannon made this club into something more–a family– I know that with their help our next Editor in Chief and other seniors will continue to create an incredible newspaper. Goodluck next year to everyone working on Smokes Signals