Senior Goodbye – Julin Sivriev

Julin Sivriev, Editor-In-Chief

I joined the Newspaper Club my sophomore year of high school. I never heard of the club before that, otherwise I definitely would have joined sooner. I remember my first meeting: I was incredibly nervous but also excited to get started. I would be seeing my name (hopefully) in print for the first time; an exciting happenstance for any person. I also remember my clear goal: become an editor. This was the first position I tried to obtain in high school activities. I remember in order to achieve this you had to do one thing: be published in Smoke Signals three times throughout the year. 

This was a daunting task for me. I knew that I was an all around solid writer, but I was nervous about putting myself out there. This club changed these expectations I had of myself. As I started writing more and more articles, the satisfaction of seeing Staff Writer next to my name fueled my confidence. Eventually I did make editor, and fast forward to senior year, I am Editor-in-Chief with two other incredible girls: Abby Elkin and Sophia Prossilis. These people and the entire staff of Smoke Signals has made this year incredibly special to me and has made me so happy. I cannot thank you all enough for the three years I spent in the Newspaper Club, and I will be taking these memories with me to college! My best advice is to always believe in your abilities, and never hold back! I wish the best of luck to the future members of Smoke Signals, and hope you all have another amazing year next year!

Julin Sivriev