Senior Goodbye – Abby Elkin

Abby Elkin, Editor-In-Chief

Freshman year, optimistic and fresh-faced, I attended a newspaper club meeting without any vision for my future in the organization. That first meeting turned into late nights editing articles and layout to perfection while collaborating with my peers. I was completely unaware about my involvement in the club and the amazing relationships I would form over the four years to come. I remember listening in on my first meeting and wondering how these high school students were so organized and motivated — I wanted to be just the same.

After improving my writing skills and knowledge of editing for the next three years, I finally earned the position of Editor-in-Chief my senior year. I was certain that I, along with Sophia Prossilis and Julin Sivriev, would try to make each issue more personable and relatable to the students at Wayne Valley than the next. Through the newspaper, I was able to provide an outlet for students to express their voice about issues important to them and society. 

Next year I will be attending the University of Delaware Honors Program and majoring in Biological Sciences on a pre-dental track. I am incredibly grateful for my past four years at Wayne Valley and the friendships I made along the way. I am thankful for all that I have learned in my courses, but also just through experiencing high school. My best advice to underclassmen is to not waste time. Although it is a cliche, high school truly does pass by in a blink, so take advantage of every moment and opportunity presented. I am honored to hand off this incredible position to the next class’ seniors and I wish them and the Smoke Signals community the best!

Thank you,

Abby Elkin