Senior Spotlight: Joe Steinhilber

Wayne Valley features multiple elective classes that emphasize hands-on activities. Wayne Valley’s auto courses, Intro to Automotive Systems and Advanced Auto, are both run by Mr. Bergen. The auto program at Valley offers practical opportunities for students and provides them with lifelong skills. 

As graduation nears, Joe Steinhilber, a senior in Mr. Bergen’s Advanced Auto class and work study, reflects on the four years that he spent in the automotive program. 

When asked what he has done at Valley in the past four years, Joe replied, “When I was going into high school, I was bummed that I wasn’t able to take Auto due to having a two period math class. I was never the best when it came to academics but once I was able to start Auto sophomore year, I had something to look forward to when I went to school.” 

Outside of school, Joe explained, “I ride dirt bikes and work with my dad at his restoration shop to gain knowledge about cars. I also work on my friends and I’s cars and dirt bikes.”

In addition to being enrolled in Auto, Joe also takes work study. This program allows for seniors to leave half-way through the day to go work at a job. This experience has helped Joe prepare for his future plans of working in the automotive industry, hopefully as a mechanic.

He explains, “Mr. Bergen’s work study program is all about getting kids out there into the automotive field and get a feel for working on your own and obtaining a life as an auto mechanic. I highly recommend Mr. Bergen’s work study program for any seniors.”

The work study program is a great way for students to apply their learning outside of their classroom, which gives them 

To top it all off, we asked Joe what his favorite class was at Valley. He responded, “Mr. Bergen’s Auto Class.”

invaluable experience for a real-life career. Students that are interested in auto can launch themselves right into the automotive industry after graduating. The program is clearly very successful, as exemplified by Joe.