Tips on Staying Organized During Online Learning

Alex Dipre, Staff Writer

If you plan on taking an online class, or if we ever find ourselves participating in distance learning again, here are some tips to maximize your productivity! 


Build a routine

A positive of distance learning is that your day is very flexible. Schedule a time to complete schoolwork and a separate time for other activities and to enjoy yourself. 


Don’t put off your work

By getting your work done during the school day, you are getting it out of the way. It also gives you the opportunity to email your teachers with questions during the school day. The best part is that you get the rest of the day to yourself!


Designate a spot for school work

By having a designated spot for your work, you can be more organized. It seems simple, but when you have all your materials in one spot you will be able to complete work more efficiently. 


Make a checklist of the work you have to complete

In order to make sure you get all your work done make a checklist. This can be helpful for students who don’t complete all of one subject at once. Maybe you started your work in one class, and decided to take a break. By having your checklist, you can be sure everything is done, and you won’t get an absence that you don’t deserve. 


Work in a quiet spot

If you tend to procrastinate, you probably need a quiet spot to get your work done. This may sound self-explanatory, but by drowning out other sounds, you will be able to concentrate and do the best on your work. 


Manage your time wisely

Although it is great to take advantage of sleeping in late, this can cause you to lose your whole day. If you wake up by first block, you can be more productive, as well as establish healthy habits!


Don’t put off your work 

Try to not get in the habit of doing your work at night.  Cramming your work into a short amount of time is stressful and often unnecessary.


Have an organized working space

Make sure your working space is clean. You spend your whole school day in this spot and it is important that it is organized. There are plenty of ways you can make it functional while feeling cozy.