Netflix Shows To Binge During Quarantine 


Looking for something to do while stuck in quarantine, well look no further. Hopefully everyone is practicing social distancing and trying their best to remain sane during quarantine. Since everyone is locked in their homes I’ve compiled a list of binge-worthy Netflix shows based on what Wayne Valley students are watching: 

If you enjoy teen dramas/ coming of age stories, I would recommend All American and One Tree Hill.

For those who want a light-hearted more comedic show, The Office and Schitt’s Creek are for you. 

If you want a fictional, but still drama filled plot, The Vampire Diaries and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are perfect.  Sabrina is based on the Archie comic book series of the same name but it is much darker than the original comic book. In fact, it is more of a supernatural horror series.

And finally for those of you who want to be completely encompassed by an interesting storyline, try Breaking Bad and Tiger King. Tiger King has taken over social media recently, and it seems like everyone has been watching this odd documentary, even our teachers! Breaking Bad is an older show with a huge following and interesting storylines.