How to Make a Comfy Space to Learn From Home!

  1. Pick your location carefully: Pick a location where you will work best. Maybe you do better when you are in the center of things like the kitchen. Maybe silence works best for you. Wherever you go, make sure you have enough space for your work and MINIMIZE DISTRACTIONS!
  2. Have your supplies handy: Make sure you have handy the following: textbooks, chargers, art supplies, handouts and more! 
  3. Organize your space: Create a way to organize your desk area. If you do not have a lot of room, maybe use a box or plastic tub to hold your things. Mrs. Nazarko used boxes from her Girl Scout cookies to separate her children’s stuff. Use something you have handy. You are supposed to be staying home so do not go out to get supplies! 
  4. Set your schedule: Wake up around normal school time. Use phone alarms like school bells. 
  5. Charge your devices: Remember to recharge your devices and yourself.
  6. Make your space feel like yours: Maybe add a picture or two. Diffuse some oils if that is your thing!