Behind the Scenes: “The Addam’s Family” Crew

Crew has been working hard everyday for the musical, The Addam’s Family. The crew members have put in a lot of work, from building and paper macheing a tree branch, to painting various props. The stage builders have built chairs, tables, stairs, and platforms. Along with the new crew advisor, Jonny Dive, stage builders have been coming on Saturdays to continue building the set. Stage painters have been busy with painting trees, gravestones, walls, trims, and props. Frank Ruggiero states, “The overall experience is very fun. It’s long hours, but it’s worth it for sure!”

New crew members are always welcome! If you want to become a stage painter, email Frank Ruggerio (head painter) at [email protected]. If you want to become a stage builder, email Elizabeth Califf (stage manager) at [email protected].