TV Production I’s Lip Sync Battle

Lindsay Kline, Staff Writer

Wayne Valley’s TV Program is an unforgettable class! Starting at either your freshman or sophomore year, and continuing through to your senior year, this program has something for everyone. TV students will learn the ins and outs of camera and editing skills, but most importantly, critical time management skills. From the first program, TV 1, to the final program, TV 3/4, each student is pushed to give out their best work on time. This constant strive for perfection makes the TV program very popular and competitive amongst our students. One of the most fun and memorable projects is TV 1’s Lip Sync Battle. Working in groups of 6 or less, each group has to choreograph a dance to a song, and create a live performance. Each group has two shots to create their perfect performance. One of the hardest aspects of this project is that no editing is allowed. Even with the difficulty, this is easily one of the favorite projects in TV. Students get to express themselves through dancing and at the same time, they get to work on their directing skills. Most groups have a director, who is in charge of the performance itself. They check camera shots and make sure everything looks great! The rest of the students come up with a dance and learn the lyrics. Usually, there is a main singer and background dancers. Everyone works together to make a great production, showcasing their skills. Once all the dances are recorded and completed, the upperclassmen who have already taken TV 1 vote on their favorites. After completing their project, many students anticipate voting on the next year’s performers. The winners of this year’s battle are sophomores Sara Escamilla and Kaylin Espitia, who performed, Can’t Stop Singing from Teen Beach Movie. Congratulations to the winners!