Student Spotlight: Julin Sivriev & Gabby Oliveri

“This year, I started attending meetings with the staff to plan initiatives such as Kindness Month and Wellness Month,” says senior and NHS Vice President Julin Sivriev. “My favorite part about working with [them] is seeing all that happens behind the scenes.” Through her involvement in the National Honor Society, Sivriev has been able to make a difference in the Wayne Valley community by improving the 2019-2020 Kindness and Wellness Initiatives.

During February, which was Wayne Valley’s “Kindness Month,” Sivriev assisted in the distribution of Third-Party Compliments, which students could send to their peers anonymously via a Google Form. Additionally, she created credit opportunities for NHS students to get involved and spread positivity throughout the school. Along with assistant principal Mr. Wisniewski and NHS President Kelly Reynolds, Sivriev had the opportunity to see students read their compliments aloud for the first time. At this moment, she reflects, she was really able to observe the impact of the Kindness Initiative.

Sivriev is also very involved with the Wellness Initiative. Last year, she was in charge of an NHS booth at the Wellness Fair that focused on breathing techniques. This year, she is working to coordinate three NHS boothes, which focus on breathing techniques, screen-time management, and college advice. Through this event, she is able to spread awareness about mental health, and to guide her peers as they learn new anti-stress strategies. 

To any students who want to get involved with either initiative, Sivriev recommends, “Come to any organization involved, such as NHS and Peer Leaders, and just ask! There’s many things to contribute, even something as small as donating supplies.” 

Not only has Sivriev made an impact in NHS, but she is also an editor-in-chief for Smoke Signals and the secretary of the Garden Club. 

Senior Gabby Oliveri, who is currently the President of Peer Leaders, has also met with the Wayne Valley administration to promote events like the Kindness and Wellness Months. This year, she is helping to coordinate the Peer Leaders’ role in the Wellness Fair, including a stress balls station and an “I Am” photography booth. She also created the themes for Kindness Week. 

“My favorite part [about working on the Kindness and Wellness Initiatives] is that the students are given a voice, and allowed to give input on how to make the school a positive learning and functioning environment,” Oliveri says. 

Through her work, Oliveri is excited to have the opportunity to positively impact her classmates. She adds, “Wayne Valley is a positive place to be, with so many events for all students to feel involved and comfortable at all times.” She hopes that her work with the initiatives will help students to feel accepted and stress-free. 

In order to get involved with the Wellness and Kindness Initiatives, Oliveri suggests to join student-run clubs including WeAct, Peer Leaders, NHS, and Student Council. Oliveri herself is also an active participant in the NHS.