Spring Trends

Caitlyn Style and Kelsey Lauckner

With spring just around the corner, it is finally time to start getting in on the new and upcoming trends. From clothing and accessories to entertainment and food, everybody should know what is going to be the favorite styles of the spring 2020 season. Reading the expectations for the approaching season below will help you prepare and get ahead of the crowd!

This season we are starting off bright! Neon clothing is expected to come back from the 80’s and make a reappearance this spring. There are many mixed opinions on this style, and while it’s not for everyone, it definitely makes a bold fashion statement and will make you stand out. Spring is all about color, and seeing an old trend like neon clothing making a comeback will have everyone talking. 

Flowy dresses are also projected to be in this season. Dresses have been in our style forever, but they have developed in many different ways over the years. Floral/retro prints and polka dots are expected to be seen on many clothing items and accessories. These prints would make an amazing dress. Material wise, lace is in right now, and should be continuing to trend upwards. Style any outfit or accessory with lace to add some extra detail. It definitely adds some extra flare and pizzaz. 

Additionally, accessories are going to be huge this spring. Anything from a statement belt to a dainty necklace adds so much to an outfit. There are so many different types of ways to style your outfit. You can simply add a statement bag or earrings; either to match your outfit or to add a pop of color. Accessorizing your outfit will help your look be more complete.

When thinking about what’s to come in the approaching spring, many people’s minds may wander to spring break, weekends, and fun. While it has been in Wayne for a couple of months now, a new movie theater near Willowbrook, called Cinemark, is a new hangout that has been popular among the town. With its heated recliner seats, table topped chairs, and modern look, the new theater is expected to be a crowd favorite throughout spring. 

Along with this, the American Dream Mall was recently built in East Rutherford and is more like a vacation than an average trip to the mall. Entertainment is taken to the next level as this new mall includes a waterpark, ski resort, ice skating rink, amusement park, restaurants, stores, and so much more. Especially over spring break, it can be expected to be a popular day trip for people of all ages. 

Furthermore, there are many new restaurants that have become very well known. One being Chick-fil-A, a popular chain that has just opened up recently in Wayne. This fast food restaurant serves many varieties of chicken meals, sides, sandwiches, salads, and breakfast meals. Since the opening of this chain recently this year, the place has been swarming with customers and will continue to be one of the most popular places to eat.

As spring soon approaches, knowing these trends will be a helpful guide for what to expect this upcoming season!