Jedi Fallen Order Review


Hello everyone, today we will be covering a surprise hit: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Why is it a surprise you might ask? Well for one it’s published by Electronic Arts who has been voted worst company in America 3 times within the last 7 years and frequently puts unnecessary microtransactions within their games such as the horrendous(and confusingly named) Battlefronts one and two. And it is published by Respawn(of Titanfall fame) who are primarily known for their shooters and not games like this. What kind of game is this exactly? Well it mixes a lot of different games together to good effect. 

Fallen Order is a mix between Uncharted, Metroid Prime, and Dark Souls. Let’s break this down a bit. It uses Uncharted style movement for it’s exploration mechanics often leading to electrifying set pieces. It takes the progression system of the Metroid Prime saga in which you often have to backtrack to previous areas when you get a new ability to discover new power ups, bosses, and shortcuts. Finally it takes some of the combat mechanics from Dark Souls/Sekiro/Bloodborne where it is smarter to dodge/deflect attacks than to deal with an enemy head on as most enemies deal a huge chunk of damage. All of these factors combine into a satisfying set of mechanics that will challenge most players in a satisfying matter.

In Jedi Fallen Order you play as Cal Kestis a Jedi who has survived the Jedi purge of Order 66 during the events of Episode III and is now aliasing as a scrap yard worker dismantling old Republic and Sepratist ships for the Empire. But when you are given a particularly dangerous job you have to save your friend with the Force which very quickly gets you caught by the Inquisition, a bunch of Dark Jedi who hunt the survivors of Order 66. Which leads to the rest of the game where you are picked up by some allies and go on a planet spanning trek to find Jedi artifacts and regain your connection with the Force.

I think it is a great game and a surprising turn for the company(not that I expect this to be consistent but I hope they learn from the success of this game). However there are a few graphical problems and stuttering on consoles(I’m sure by the time your reading this it’s been patched out) Which leads to me my verdict this game deserves praise in of itself for its unique blend of mechanics, even if they were mostly stolen from other games, this game earns a 9/10 from me.