Binge Worthy Netflix Shows


Alex Dipre, Skylar Tanski, Staff Writer

There are many shows to choose from when trying to find something to watch on Netflix. From a spooky series to a classic comedy there are several options out there that you are sure to enjoy. Below are some of the top binge worthy shows that Netflix has to offer. Happy streaming!

  • The Vampire Diaries– This dramatic CW series reminiscent of Twilight brings romance and humor to L. J. Smith’s horror filled novels. It details the journey of Elena Gilbert, a teenager in a small town who is torn between her love for two vampire brothers. 
  • Reign– A historical drama about Mary Queen of Scots, a young girl who’s loyalty to her kingdom is threatened by her love for the Prince of France, and her growing affection for his bastard brother. 
  • Friends A popular comedy following a group of friends in New York City as they struggle with the ordinary (and sometimes extremely unconventional) problems they face while becoming accustomed to the real world.  
  • The Office– A hilarious mockumentary about a group of misfit office workers and their everyday struggles inside and outside of the workplace.
  • American Horror Story– A variety of mostly disconnected seasons about everything from the most common fears, to things we hadn’t even thought to imagine in the dark.
  • Glee- In this musical drama high school teacher, Will Schuester attempts to recreate the successful club that he remembered from when he was in school. The group of outcasts who make up the Glee Club come across the everyday problems of high schools students while recognizing their star potential. 
  • Grey’s Anatomy– This medical drama centers around Meredith Grey, an intern at a Seattle hospital. It follows the struggles of her personal life, and her ascent through the hierarchy of the hospital’s surgery department.
  • Victorious- When a talented singer Tori Vega attends Hollywood Arts High she struggles to fit with other talented students. Later she makes friends through her love of singing and songwriting. Throughout this series, she and her friends overcome different obstacles of everyday high school students.

Lucifer- A drama that allows us to empathize with the devil, Lucifer, on his journey to be free from the duty of managing hell, and his accidental love story with detective Chloe Decker in LA, the City of Angels.