Pep Rally and Spirit Week

Skylar Ryan , Staff Writer

During the week of November 18th, the annual Wayne Valley Spirit Week took place.  This year, Spirit Week was military-themed. Monday was dubbed ‘Merica Monday,’ and students dressed in red, white, and blue. On Tuesday, students dressed in camouflage attire for ‘Camo Tuesday’. On ‘Revelry Wednesday,’ pStorieseople wore their pajamas to school, and everyone dressed in their favorite workout clothing for ‘Bootcamp Thursday’. Each grade was to wear a specific color on ‘Battle Friday’—the Freshman Marines dressed in red, the Sophomore Air Force dressed in white, the Junior Navy dressed in blue, and the Senior Army dressed in black. Spirit Week culminated in the pep rally, which took place on Friday the 22nd, and Homecoming, which took place on the 23rd. 

Throughout the week, a cart made its way around the school, carrying donation buckets labeled with teachers’ names. Students were asked to donate money to the teacher that they wanted to see get pied in the face. The three teachers that collected the most money were Mr. Schneider, Mr. Camb, and Mr. Glander, and they were pied during the pep rally that Friday. All of the money that was collected was donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The pep rally also consisted of several competitions between grade levels, including  balloon pop, tug of war, musical chairs, a pie eating contest, and chair sits. Members from each grade faced off in these events, and ultimately the sophomores won the balloon pop and the pie eating contest. The juniors won the tug of war against the other grades, but when it came time to face the teachers, they lost. There was also a musical chairs event for the captains of fall and winter sports, which football captain Jake DeLuccia won.  The last event was the chair sitting contest, which is mostly known for taking place during SDA relays. There was no clear winner for the chair-sit contest because it was cut short. In addition to all of the events, the dance team, cheerleaders, and band also put on an amazing performance for the whole school. 

The second annual Homecoming took place in the Wayne Valley gym on Saturday, November 23rd, where students danced all night with their friends. 

Overall, spirit week, the pep rally, and homecoming were all a success, and the Wayne Valley student body is looking forward to next year already!