After High School Plans

After High School Plans

Abby Elkin , Editor in Chief

As high school students, we are all stressing and worrying about our futures and the constant need for success. In the past, the only acceptable option for high school graduates was college, but in recent decades, the norm is beginning to change. The traditional four year university is what most people think will cause the most success of an individual. You might major in a subject for four years, receive a diploma, and get a job right after graduating. Now, everything’s changing: a job is not always guaranteed after graduation and student loans are exponentially increasing each year. A four-year university could still be the choice for you, but what are some other options?

A cheaper option for education is community college. Students that still want a degree, but don’t want to pile up on student loans, should consider attending community college. Although there is some stigma with attending, community college is a great option for students that want an education for a cheaper tuition and to live off-campus. Another choice could be trade school, which teaches a student a certain craft or skill. As soon as a trade school student becomes certified, they can easily find a job in what they studied. This type of schooling is a faster and cheaper education for those who know exactly what type of job they want. 

For students that want to take a year or two of freedom to travel or to work before going to college, a gap year can be an option. A gap year allows students to breathe before going straight to college, and gives them the chance to support themselves and get real life experience. This is a smart choice for students who don’t want to attend college right after graduating high school. 

With more options to receive an education, you can now explore all the opportunities and, hopefully, lessen your stress.