2020 Projected Trends

With 2019 coming to a close, a new decade will be upon us. 2019 brought us some of the most popular trends in all different kinds of categories. Now with 2020 around the corner there is excitement for new technology, fashion, social media, and sports.

Technology is always a big topic when it comes to new enhancements. 2019 introduced products like the iPhone 11, Airpods Gen 2 and Pro, and new forms of AI. There are astounding amounts of projected technological advancements for 2020. Most simply, new models of Apple, Samsung, and Google phones, tablets, and gadgets are predicted to be released. This includes a possible iPhone 12 in September and new Amazon Alexa speakers and attachments later in the year. Engineers and biotechnologists predict that 3D printing and nanotechnology will make great advances this year, influencing the capabilities of countless doctors, architects, chemists, and designers. The beginnings of mobile payment began a few years ago, but in 2020 it is projected the amount of stores and restaurants that accept things like Apple Pay, Venmo, and cryptocurrency will double. Newspapers are projected to virtually go extinct by the end of 2020, with mobile news apps and streaming services make finding out about current events easier, faster, and cheaper. The term “4G” may be familiar to some, as it is the 4th generation of high speed cellular data. This coming year, “5G” is being introduced to mobile phones everywhere, with speeds comparable to modern day Wi-Fi. This will increase productivity, HD audio and video transmission, and instant cloud backup. Though this has been predicted before, automated cars/driverless vehicles are projected to become more and more abundant this coming year. So, from new devices that can talk to us to money that’s become digital, 2020 is projected to be a year packed with revolutionary technological advancements.

The fashion market is booming in 2019, so one can only imagine the trends to come in 2020. 2019 introduces some styles that are actually projected to stick around into the new decade. Biker shorts are a trend loved by some and hated by others, but nonetheless projected to be popular in 2020, even appearing on the runway. Additionally, utility jumpsuits and belts, for both men and women are predicted to stick around into 2020. These come in patterns, solids, and all types of materials. Utility belts have been customized by celebrities as merchandise, while stores sell them in a range of colors from black and white to reflective neons. Lastly, and possibly most bizarrely, tiny sunglasses are popular at the moment, and aren’t going away any time soon. Some are clear, tinted, or patterned, and are typically worn as an accessory to an everyday outfit. Some new trends projected for the coming year are crochet, neons, patterned blazers, and feathers. While things like feathers are more for the runway, in the summer of 2020, lightweight crochet tops and neon colors on shirts, shorts, and shoes are supposed to make a big appearance. Mixing and matching styles, is already beginning to become popular at the end of 2019, but in the spring of 2020, this style is going to be popular. This trend includes wearing chunky work boots with a feminine dress or adding heels or wedges to a cargo pant or a pair of boyfriend jeans. Lastly, chunky metal necklaces, chains, and metal belts from brands like Brandy Melville and Dollskill are making an appearance more and more often in outfits from the end of 2019 and aren’t going away any time soon. Fashion trends for both men and women are bursting with new development in 2020, and as the lines between feminine and masculine trends are blurred, more experimentation and individuality can be fostered in the world of fashion. 

2019 brought many new social media trends to the table. The biggest of them all was Tik Tok, an online video sharing community. On this app, people of all ages dance, sing, tell stories, and make comedy videos. Come the start of 2020, newer trends in the social media world are projected to boom. From digital currency, to more immersive advertisements, here are the top things that are to be expected in the coming year. Facebook and Instagram are said to be trying to launch even more ways to have online or digital paying services. Facebook specifically is in the ongoing process of trying to successfully launch their own type of cryptocurrency. In the filter world of things, both Snapchat and Facebook have been competing with age/gender altering filters over the past few months or so. This trend will continue and maybe even more competitors will jump into the ring. With the next presidential election coming November 2020, political campaign ads are going to be all over most people’s social media feeds. As seen in years prior, social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube are gaining popularity, with more interactive options, like live streams and photo and video sharing. Apps like Tik Tok showcase talents that would often go unnoticed without social media, skyrocketing some dancers, singers, and artists to stardom. 2020 is going to be packed with new developments, trends, and customizations in the world of social media, and as more people log on, the more integrated the apps will become in everyday life. 

In the sports world, trends are harder to be predicted, since they kind of make themselves. An awesome play or a controversial call could cause a buzz online or a conversation on social media to sprout. There are many trends that will carry over from 2019 to 2020. One of the most memorable ones is the Houston Astros cheating scandal. The Astros have been accused of notifying the batter what pitch would be called and when. This gave them the upper hand in their games. The final decision on what punishment will be dealt out to all involved will be released in 2020. Along these lines, new players will be drafted into the NBA, NHL, NFL, and more in the coming year. When it comes to sports, remember that there is always a stunning athlete, play, or call, that will definitely keep the world of sports on its feet.

So, as 2019 concludes and a new decade begins, new styles, trends, and news will begin. Some fashion and social media trends stem from existing things in 2019, while other sports and technology events are simply unpredictable. With 2020 around the corner, everyone should keep their eyes peeled for these brand-new trends.