SDA 2020 Update #1

Sasha Kazakov, Staff Writer

It is almost the start of a new year, which means the start of a new SDA season! This upcoming season is sure to bring many memorable moments to all girls participating and to those who will watch them perform. Though registration for dances and practices have not yet begun, President Grace Schneider has been working alongside Vice President Jeana Fermi and the rest of the SDA board to organize this year’s show. The captains are also working hard to plan the dances, posters, music, and much more. Preparations are going well and everyone’s dedication will definitely pay off with another great season and show. This year, Olivia Ohngemach is the overall for the blue team and Kayla Gutch is the overall for the white team. The 2020 theme for the show is “A Day in the Life,” and each dance will go through different professions and daily roles.


The captains and individual themes for dances are as follows:

  • Blue Jazz: 
    • Captains: Lexi Cascone & Julianna Rigoglioso
    • Theme: Businesswoman
  • White Jazz:
    • Captains: Emily Krassowski & Ariana Gencarelli
    • Theme: Vogue Model
  • Blue Tap: 
    • Captains: Maria Lousidis & Gabby Gencarelli
    • Theme: Toy
  • White Tap:
    • Captains: Melody Chambers & Julia Vanderclock
    • Theme: Weather Girl
  • Blue Pom:
    • Captains: Liyana Munoz & Courtney White
    • Theme: Pilot
  • White Pom:
    • Captains: Darla Zisa & Jessica Fedo
    • Theme: DJ
  • Blue Aerobics:
    • Captains: Nikki Gromb & Haley Kampschmidt
    • Theme: Fitness Trainer
  • White Aerobics:
    • Captains: Gabby Laterza & Gianna Naporlee
    • Theme: Racecar Driver


I got a chance to sit down with Emily Krassowski, the white jazz captain, and Lexi Cascone, the blue jazz captain, to ask them a few questions about their thoughts on the upcoming season.

  • What is your favorite part of SDA?
    • Lexi: “It doesn’t matter what grade you are in or what dance background you come from, if any. Everyone is able to learn to dance together as a team and form very strong bonds.”
    • Emily: “It is a very inclusive program and it provides a really positive environment for the girls involved. The friendships that the girls make in SDA are unlike any others.”
  • What are you most excited about being captain?
    • Lexi: “I can’t wait to be able to make my own dance and teach it to the girls in my own way. It’s really cool to see your own creation come to life.”
    • Emily: “I’ve always wanted to become captain, and now that dream is finally coming true! I’m really excited to be able to come up with my own ideas for the dance.”
  • What do you think is the key to creating a successful dance?
    • Lexi: “You have to make sure your dance is entertaining and crowd-pleasing, and that the girls enjoy doing it. If the girls give off good energy the crowd will love it too!”
    • Emily: “Originality is very important. If a dance is unique, it will be more memorable for the audience and the judges. Also, cleanliness and sharpness is a big part of a placing dance.”
  • What is your favorite part of the season?
    • Lexi: “I love SDA Monday and all of SDA week in general. The energy that week is just so fun, and the excitement doesn’t match any other feeling in the world. All the work you put in during the season leads up to that one week.”
    • Emily: “SDA Monday is one of my favorite days of the year, and definitely one of the most fun. I also love practices when all the girls are cheering each other on and there is so much positivity, because moments like those remind you why you do SDA in the first place.”