“Almost, Maine” Recap

Wayne Valley Theater’s annual fall drama, Almost, Maine, premiered in the school auditorium on Thursday November 14th, Friday November 15th, and Saturday November 16th. As expected, every show was a huge success. Almost, Maine is a romantic comedy, where each scene focuses on a different love story and the lives of the couples are all intertwined. Some of the stories made the audience laugh out loud, others ended in total heartbreak, but all of the scenes had one thing in common: they were honest and emotional. This is the result of incredible performances by all of the actors and actresses. Not only did the play focus on romance, but several scenes wove magic into their stories, making the show perfect for the upcoming holiday season. 

What the audience often doesn’t see is the bond that forms among the cast and crew during each of their rehearsals. Senior Jason Tobias played the character of Jimmy, a man who was still in love with his ex-girlfriend, although she had already moved on and was getting married. He explains, “My favorite part about being a member of Wayne Valley Theatre is all the love and support. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to walk into a rehearsal and being able to just do what you love without being judged or criticized by everyone else.” Tobias has been involved in the Wayne Valley theatre since his freshman year, and he explained that dramas just like Almost, Maine allow him to explore new and different roles and to grow as an actor. 

Being a part of theatre has proved truly life-changing to many of the cast members. Junior Aalyah Henriquez, played a bartender that was secretly in love with Tobias’s character. However, unlike many of her other castmates, this was her first time participating in theatre, and she states, “I didn’t know what to expect. I certainly did not expect to meet the most supporting, caring, funny, and positive people. My castmates inspire me by encouraging me to bring out those traits myself. I’m grateful to have met these people and joining theatre because they bring out the best in me.” 

Although the cast is sad to see the show come to an end, they are all grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the production and to bring such a heartfelt message to each of their audiences. 

“I honestly enjoyed the whole show,” reflects sophomore Lavleen Madahar, who attended the play. “The love and the connection felt real, and I think that was so beautiful. What impacted me the most was how the play showed that love doesn’t always work out.”

The full cast of Almost, Maine, includes seniors Gianna DiTucci, Louis Messercola, Samantha Pricken, Jill Rovere, Sabrina Shah, Jason Tobias, and Jackie Tzackenko; juniors Gerald Cetrulo, Hanna Dolegowski, Allison Girardi, Aalyah Henriquez, Frank Ruggerio, Calista Toussas, and Katrina Walls; sophomores Faiyaz Aziz, Grace Martino, Liam Rogan, and Abby Titus; freshman Jack Bolton, Patrick Siso, and Mia Turrin.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Almost, Maine on another successful drama, and a special thanks to the seniors for their valuable contributions to the Wayne Valley Theatre program!