Winter Fun

Katherine Gurda, Staff Writer

As winter is picking up strides, the snow is as well. Students always await the call that says, “Due to inclimate weather, schools will be closed in anticipation of a snow storm”. There are so many ways that you could know spend your free day. Even if there is not a snow day and you want to find something to do in your free time during the winter there are so many options out there. Whether it is having a snowball fight, or sipping hot cocoa in front of the television, there is always something for everybody to do as the snowflakes are falling.

Once the snow starts falling skiers and snowboarders start hitting the slopes. Even if you are new to snow-covered mountain activities it is a great experience to try something new. For skiing you will need skis, a helmet, gloves, ski boots, a winter coat, and snow pants. If you are not a beginner, poles are suggested to make skiing easier. Snowboarding is another popular activity done by many who love the slopes. For snowboarding you will need, a board, snowboard boots, gloves, a coat and of course, a helmet. Mountain Creek, located in Vernon Township, NJ is one of the many great places where skiing and snowboarding is available. If you are not one to travel to a mountain, you could always go sledding on a local hill and still have a good experience. All you need is a sled and some warm clothes. It is always important to layer especially if you fall into the snow. Some people go sledding on their front yards and others go to schools if they have a hill. Sledding is a great way to spend some time with your friends without traveling far on your snow day.

One of the other most popular winter activities that is not limited to when the snow is currently falling is ice skating. Whether you enjoy the cold and want to skate outside, or you cannot stand it, there is always the option of going to an indoor ice rink. All you need is skates and some extra layers. Wearing layers is especially important even if you are at an indoor ice rink because they keep it very cold. There are many places you can go ice skating. A place you can go ice skating outside is in New York City or even on a frozen lake. The Ice Vault on Nevins Road is a great place where you can skate indoors. 

Looking to bring out your inner child, then a snowball fight is another activity that you can do during your snow day. Grab some friends and just have fun in the snow. Whether you build a snowman or make snow angels you are sure to have a fun time. 

Even if you do not like to be outdoors during the cold winter months, there are many things that can be done inside.

From making holiday cookies to sipping hot cocoa in front of the television there is plenty to do without stepping outside your house. Ready to get into the holiday spirt! Well making a sweet batch of freshly made cookies is always a fun way to spend your day. There are many different types of cookies that you can make. From sugar cookies, to classic chocolate chip, there are so many to choose from! You can make them with your family and you can bring them to others to brighten their day. Sometimes even just a nice hot mug of hot chocolate can make you have the perfect snow day. It can also warm you up if you just came inside from playing in the snow. To make hot chocolate pour a packet of hot chocolate powder into a mug. To make your hot chocolate taste even better you can add some marshmallows and whip cream. 

Even if you are strongly against the winter weather, there are many fun things that you could try if you wanted to do something new. Going outside and skiing down mountains are not for everyone. But enjoying hot chocolate is always a winter favorite. It is up to you on how you spend your snow day, or your winter is general, but there is always something for everyone to enjoy.