The Counseling Department’s Tips For Choosing Your Electives


As you begin to prepare your class schedule for next year, the Counseling Department wants to remind you of some tips you should consider when choosing your electives:

Think about your career aspirations. Consider the career options that currently interest you and select classes related to those fields. Taking classes related to your desired career will help narrow down your interests and prepare you to enter that field. Additionally, think about the program you might be interested in for college and take classes now that can help you gain more experience in that area. 

Don’t forget your graduation requirements. Keep in mind the requirements you need to meet in order to graduate and choose electives that fulfill those areas. For a reminder of the requirements, talk to your counselor or click on the counseling tab at the top of Wayne Valley’s homepage for more information or click on this direct link: Wayne Valley Counseling Department

Advocate for yourself. Speak with your counselor about what classes or careers you’re considering so we can further guide you in the right direction. Additionally, if you are considering a specific course, talk to the teacher now to find out more information about what the class is like, as they know that specific curriculum best. Similarly, consider the academic rigor of each course and make sure you’re being realistic – take classes that will challenge you, but don’t overload yourself so you feel overwhelmed. 

Be proactive. If you have specific questions or feel confused by the scheduling process, come to Guidance to talk with your counselor. Plus, remember that we will be calling down each student individually to go over your course selection, so remain patient and be prepared to discuss your ideas. 

Remember that your counselor is here to support you and help you succeed – if you have any questions or concerns, don’t wait to reach out!