Don’t Miss It! Wayne Valley Theatre in Almost, Maine: A Real Romantic Comedy

Arnelda Selmani, Staff Writer

This year, Wayne Valley Theatre is proud to announce their 2019 fall production: Almost, Maine. This romantic comedy takes place in a town called “Almost, Maine” and each scene tells the story of one of nine different couples. Gerald Cetrulo, a junior who plays the character East, explained, “The characters are all normal people, like you and me, except they find themselves in situations where their wills and capacities for love are challenged.” 

Within each scene, a new couple is introduced with a different story for the audience to grasp. Although the stories vary, they all connect in some way. Another cast member, junior Frank Ruggiero, added that each story is “happening at the same exact night/time, but the audience is just watching it in different scenes. One scene can be really sad; one can be really funny.” 

The cast and crew are working hard during their rehearsals as opening night nears. This also allows the cast to really connect with their characters. Gerald commented that “There is a lot less rehearsal time depending on your character. Everybody gets a chance to get featured.” 

This fall production is full of romance, laughter, and surprises that will have you at the edge of your seat. Whether you enjoy romantic comedies, have a good sense of humor, or just want a laugh,  come out with your friends and family to see the show on November 14, 15, and 16 at 7:30pm!