Student Council’s Autumn Preview: Spirit Week, Pep Rally, Homecoming

Wayne Valley’s Student Council is currently planning several exciting events for the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year: spirit week, which will culminate in a pep rally, as well as the school’s second annual homecoming. Spirit week will take place during the week of Monday, November 18th to Friday, November 22nd. Homecoming is scheduled for the night of the 22nd in the Wayne Valley gymnasium, and the pep rally will be held earlier that day during Block 6. 

This year, the theme of spirit week is the military. Class themes are the Freshman Air Force, Sophomore Marines, Junior Navy, and Senior Army; class colors are red, white, navy, and green, respectively. On “‘Merica Monday”, students are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue to showcase their patriotism. Tuesday’s theme is camouflage, and “Revelry Wednesday” is this year’s pajama day. Students should wear workout clothes on “Bootcamp Thursday”, and their class colors on the final day of the week to celebrate Military Homecoming.

Since the last pep rally was held at Wayne Valley two years ago, freshmen and sophomores may not know what to expect. Executive Student Council President Kevin Feeney reveals, “Freshmen and sophomores can expect friendly competition among grades to show who is the best and who has the most spirit. There will be fun activities and relays for students from each grade to participate in.”

Feeney continues, “I don’t want to give away the details. I’d like to leave the events to a surprise.”

Outside of the pep rally, the executive Student Council is still preparing contests that will take place during lunch or after school throughout spirit week. These activities will be themed, and students can only participate if they dress up for the day. 

Sign-ups to run for homecoming court will likely be posted outside Mrs. Vacca’s classroom, room 239, in mid-November. Tickets for the event will cost around $30-35, and the ticket price will include a homecoming shirt.

On behalf of the whole Student Council, Feeney thanks advisors Mrs. Vacca and Mr. Carroll, without whom he claims “homecoming [and the] pep rally would not be able to take place.”