Meet Wayne Valley’s New Teachers!

It’s a new school year, and that calls for new changes all around our school! Wayne Valley has undergone many big changes this year, such as block scheduling, unit lunch, and the introduction of multiple new teachers. In order for the Wayne Valley community to get to know them better, a couple of these new staff members were interviewed on their past experiences and their new ones at Valley. Let’s see what they had to say.

Mr. Borriello

Mr. Borriello, a terrific new technology teacher, was asked a few questions about his experience at Wayne Valley so far, along with his background in teaching. Boriello explained his experience by saying, “This is my first year at Valley, but it’s my 7th year teaching. My experience has been great so far, and I expect it to stay great. The kids have been awesome in my classes, and the kids seem to be very interested, which makes my job more interesting and fun”. 

When asked about his transition to Wayne Valley, he responded with, “Everything school-wise has been easy, and anything that I didn’t understand I have been able to get help with. The hard part is the new schedule. Instead of waking up at 7, I’m waking up at 5 am”. To conclude his interview, Mr. Boriello included a fun fact saying, “besides teaching, I do freelance graphic design and I work with whoever I can.” 

Ms. Mironis

The next teacher interviewed was Ms. Mironis, a wonderful new addition to the math department. She explained that she has been teaching “since January of 2019, which was [her] first month here at Wayne Valley.” When asked about her experience at this new school so far, she answered with, “I love Wayne Valley because the faculty was very welcoming and warm, and the students are really good kids and I have a good relationship with them.” Ms. Mironis is not only a math teacher, but also a world traveler! She has traveled to Greece, Spain, Israel, Jamaica, Ireland, England, Columbia, and France.

Mr. Blake

Last but not least, Mr. Blake, a fantastic new science teacher, provided his thoughts on his teaching experience so far. Mr. Blake explained that he had been teaching for three years before he came to Valley. He further summed up his experience at Valley so far into one word: “awesome!” Previously, Mr. Blake has worked in other districts, like Montville, Ramsey and Paterson. He spoke on these experiences by saying that Wayne Valley is “much different than Paterson, and similar to Montville.” Interestingly Mr. Blake has many pets, including 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a rabbit.

These new teachers are a great addition to the staff of Wayne Valley High School! A brief look into their personal perspectives tells us a lot about our school and the unique people around us.