The Automotive Classes At the Demolition Derby

The Automotive classes worked together with Auto Club recently to enter 2 vehicles, a Ford and an Acura into the 2019 Sussex County Fair

Both these cars were discarded by their previous owners because they were so worn out it would not have been cost effective to keep them on the road, but this is just the challenge the Automotive students live for.

During Automotive classes throughout the day as well as Auto Club after school, these cars were torn apart and rebuilt by the students in the Auto Program. In addition to the basics of getting these old cars running, students upgraded almost every system in the vehicle. Fuel systems, cooling systems, charging systems and suspensions were most important. Battery and fuel tanks needed relocating, doors, hood and trunk needed extra reinforcing.

The event consisted of 20 cars in an area about the size of ½ a football field. The moment the green flag is dropped the cars begin smashing into each other, the winner is the last car running.

The Ford put up a good fight but stopped moving somewhere around mid-point of the event. However, the Acura had plenty of life and continued on to finish in 3rd place.

This was not the end of the project however. The demolished cars were towed back to the auto shop and this years Auto Club has already begun dissecting the damaged cars and evaluating every part to determine what modifications worked and what failed.

This is only one of the events planned for Auto Club. Besides working on cars and projects throughout the year we will participate in the 8th grade open house and help run our annual car fair.