Wayne Valley Girls Tennis Inaugural Tournament

Nicole Giardino, Layout Editor

On September 14, 2019, the Wayne Valley Girls Tennis team hosted their first inaugural Sectionals Tournament. Wayne Valley, Morristown, Mawah, and Caldwell competed in this tournament at the Valley courts. Seven of our Varsity tennis players competed including, Sophomores Liza Kiseleva, Madeline Martin, and Priya Gohil, who played singles. Our two doubles teams was, Senior Laura Kendall who played with Freshman Jackie Ellis, and freshman Jenna Sisto who playing with sophomore Sofia Gorsd. Liza played her way into a spot in the  finals. However, even though losing, it was a very intense 10-Game Set against Grace Starcher from Morristown.

 After being asked how it felt to advance to the finals, Liza replied, “Playing in the finals is an amazing experience that I’m so glad I got to experience, because you realize that all the hard work paid off and how much more you can push yourself to accomplish”.Overall, Morristown and Mahwah swept the competition, Morristown winning 1st and 2nd singles and 1st doubles, and Mahwah winning 3rd singles and 2nd doubles. When asked how she prepared for a high intensity match, and handles the pressure that comes with it, she explained, “I usually prepare for matches by thinking of a way that I can win, listening  to music and making sure I get a good warm up is always a good thing. I usually manage the pressure by taking a deep breath…and staying focused”.

Pictures: Liza is the girl in grey in the three pictures. Grace is the girl in red skirt with white shirt in the two pictures. The girls in dark blue were Caldwell first doubles against Morristown first doubles.