How to Maximize Your Lunch: A Guide for Underclassmen

With the new block schedule intact and a swarm of people trying to get their lunch, you might be wondering: How do I maximize my lunch period? Well, look no further Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors because this article has all the ins and outs of a successful lunch block. 

Finding the Nearest Vendor

Beating the crowd is the first step to having a painless lunch experience. In order to be speedy, locate a vendor or Jazzman’s nearest to your morning classes There are two vendors outside the old Sophomore and Junior cafe and one nearest the stairs coming off the Art hallway. Along with this, the old lunch lines are still open and there is an additional Jazzman’s located right outside the small gym. In the words of Junior Alex Rech, “Hightail it down to the lunch line. Social time comes after food.”

Picking a Spot

There are many spots open to us that weren’t open last year like the media center, the big gym, and the small gym. With many places to choose from, where is the best? According to Sophomore Evan Rowbotham, “The big gym is the best spot because it is quiet and everyone is spread out so you can get work done there.” In contrast, Junior Vanessa Rigoglioso says, “The library is the best spot to do homework and eat.” Nonetheless, a quiet place to do homework seems most favorable. 

Getting Down to Business

Since lunch is a time to socialize, eat, and get work done, I asked some students what they use this longer lunch period for. Alex Rech said he spends nearly half an hour of his lunch practicing the flute. However, Vanessa Rigoglioso says, “5 minutes to eat max, the rest is spent on homework. Lunch is also a great time to meet with teachers to make-up tests or ask questions about the lesson.”


In conclusion, the lunch period is what you make of it. Getting your food quickly and picking a good spot only aids in you journey to a quiet and successful lunch period. My advice: Don’t stress too much! Lunch is the time to unwind between periods and now we have just a little bit longer to do so.