Winter Fashion Trends

Skylar Tanski, Staff Writer

Despite the current season being Fall, and my lack of knowledge as to when this article will be published, this article will focus on trends for Winter 2019-2020. Fashion does not regard personal style. Despite Wayne Valley students’ affinity for sweatshirts, leggings, and basketball shorts, be wiser than your fellows and unleash your inner fashionista. I understand that not all students are as experimental with their fashion choices, but the styles popular this winter are easily accessible and able to be modified. In reality, most upcoming styles are preppy (with a touch of punk), so just dig to the back of your closet where you keep your ties and the hounds tooth jacket you hoped your mother would never make you wear again. 

Women’s Fashion

    • Capes– Okay, I know they aren’t exactly a common element in the wardrobe of a high school student, but hopefully they soon will be. If you’re thinking of those flimsy satin things you bought at six flags, think again. This season’s capes are thicker and more earth toned. Their purpose is to take the place of your coat and add a classy touch to your look. If you do decide to purchase a cape or two, try for wool or something else that will prevent hypothermia on the ride to Wayne Valley. 
    • Shoulder Pads– Hinting towards this eighties style trend, women’s shoulder pads are once again breaking boundaries. In the time that women need empowerment most, shoulder pads are back with infinite architectural potential. Keep a lookout for jackets that draw focus to les épaules!
    • Faux Fur– I’m glad we are stepping away from last season’s trend of animal cruelty. Faux fur, in addition to promoting animal safety, is far more affordable than it’s authentic counterpart. Also, one has the option of experimenting with color, although a more neutral color scheme is growing in popularity. Faux fur also has the added benefit of being warm.  
    • Preppy– Yes, the aforementioned style can be your own interpretation. Preppy, in this case, refers to a professionally centered look which is a direct descendant of sporty styles. In other words, just try to look like you work at an office. And I don’t mean in cardigans and pencil skirts. Be out there, try a tie. Or take a page from Hillary’s book and wear a pantsuit. Either way, if you’re feeling professional, you’re doing it correctly. 


Men’s Fashion

    • Knitwear– Knitwear with character, that is. This winter, printed knitwear is in style as well as knitwear with illustration. Patterned knitwear in particular is a must have this season, as well as being a notable past favorite for Winter. 
    • Pink– The manliest color in the world, pink is ready for a more central place in your wardrobe. Every shade is acceptable, though hot pink seems to be the most featured. And don’t worry about wearing two different shades of pink, the beauty of this trend is that there is no such thing as opposing pinks. 
    • Monotone– Not that it’s contemptible to wear this tone with color, but in particular beige and grey monotone is in style. This being one of the classiest things to wear, it’s a convenient way to make an outfit more formal. Also, there’s no doubt that this will cut the time it takes to match an outfit in half. 
    • Leather– Not that it’s possible to really go wrong with black leather, but in this season it’s also so easy to go right. And I’m not just referring to the classic jacket. All leather is in: pants, boots, ties, and yes, jackets. This look isn’t limited to edgy wearers anymore, either. Anyone can pull it off. If you’re afraid of how it may come across, start small and maybe one day you’ll brave leather pants. 
    • Extra long scarves– Despite how inconvenient it may be to wear a scarf that drags behind you on the floor, this trend really is artsy. Fashion has always been made by exaggerated statements, and anything this long is undoubtedly both exaggerated and a statement. Aside from the aesthetic purpose of this trend, what better way is there to stay toasty than a scarf which you can wrap around yourself.