NHS Trip

Another exciting trip near the end of the year! Every year, the National Honor Society plans a school trip to have some fun and hopefully learn something in the process. It takes place just after AP tests finish, so it is a great reprieve to those who spent all that time stuck studying. This year, it lasted from May 18th until May 20th, and we wound up going to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The first day consisted mostly of riding on the bus, yet we did stop at Hershey to visit Chocolate World. The next day is where the most of the trip occurred: the Andy Warhol museum tour, the Monongahela Incline, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and to top it off, the cruise ship ride into the night. The last day was not empty either, with a visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium before taking off.

This year’s trip was considerably more spacious than last year’s. Last year, we had three buses which were each filled to the brim. This year, we took only one bus and still had enough room for people to take entire rows to themselves. Even the nurse herself commented in shock how there were only around 30 people on the trip. Personally, I liked the smaller size because many of my friends still went, so it made each part of the trip move on faster without losing out on any fun. I’m not sure why so few people wanted to go on the trip this year, but it may be connected to the thought that we would go to Canada this year. Some may have felt let down by the change in plans and the proximity of the trip, yet I thought it would be better to focus on the time spent with friends rather than the destination.

Both years the trip has remained a great part of the year for me. I would not recommend skipping out on it if given the opportunity to go, yet that’s simply my views of it. If next year is akin to last year, the group may be off to Boston, where we had an incredible time. Even if the plans do change, I have faith that the trip will continue to be great. I wish the upcoming years of NHS good luck and surely hope they are excited for what is to come.