Loveworm Album Review


Morgan Jelinsky, Staff Writer

Bea Kristi, know as Beabadoobee, dropped her second EP Loveworm on April 26th 2019. Bea is an eighteen-year-old UK artist that is starting to make waves in the industry by catching the attention of lead singer of the 1975, Matt Healy. This EP features seven songs following the triumphs and tribulations in young love and is based off her boyfriend Soren. Bea says she wants her listeners to enjoy her authentic music with a message that is sincere to the artist.

The first song featured is called “Disappear.” This song testifies to the fleeting feeling that love once was. Bea states that the beginning of her and Soren was a lot different than it is now and she wants listeners to know long term relationships are not just roses and daisies. “1999,” has a similar themes with lines like “Green eyes make everything feel numb” contrasting the lyrics of another song, “Coffee”: “the green in your eye makes me feel warm inside.” But it ends on a hopeful note with the lyric, “But I’m not willing to give it all up.”

“Apple Cider,” is the next song off the album. It has a more upbeat tune and hits upon the playful stage of love. “Ceilings,” the fourth song, speaks about nostalgia. “Love me like a cigarette in Paris” is a line that touches upon her and Soren’s second anniversary in Paris, speaking on how he should love her for the beautiful moments not the ugly ones. She talks about the toxicity of her love, relating it to a hit from a drug, but nonetheless she loves him.  

“You Lie All The Time,” talks about how even though he lies to her, she wants him in her life and is afraid of losing him. “Soren” is the final and most beautiful song, in my opinion, on the album. This song combines the hurt and love from each song. Through the pain and the trials no matter what, if she had to choose a place to be it would “be in your arms tonight.”

Beabadoobee has set a new single date as soon as mid-July!  I look forward to seeing Bea grow as an artist and come out with new music that is real to its listeners.