Fun Things To Do In The Summer

Camryn Siouffi and Hannah Valente, Staff Writers

Summer is just right around the corner! Say goodbye to tests, homework, essays, projects, and more. With the school year coming to a close, you may be wondering how you can make the most out of your days. Keep reading for ways to ensure that your summer is one to remember!

  1. Go to the beach. Soak up the sun by spending the day going to the beach with some family and friends. Grab some lotion, sunglasses, a cozy towel, a good book and you’re all set! There are so many great beach locations to choose from such as Long Branch, Seaside Heights,  and Long Beach Island.
  2. Go see a movie. With so many films coming out this summer, take the moment to go to the movies with your family and friends. With movies like, Spider-man: Far From Home, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, you will for sure find something you’ll love!
  3. Get a job. During the summer, we tend to get lazy. Make the most out of your time off by finding a job so that you can save up some extra money! You have a variety of options to choose from such as a lifeguard, waiter, babysitter, and more.
  4. Sleep. Summer is the perfect time to get your sleeping schedule back on track. After months of staying up late and waking up early because of school, sports, studying, etc., enjoy your summer by sleeping in.
  5. Go on a road trip. Summer is a perfect time to grab some friends and travel to different places! Take advantage of your days off by exploring what the world has to offer!
  6. Go for a hike. Exploring the outdoors in warm weather is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Not only is it good exercise, but it is also lots of fun.
  7. Visit a museum. The area surrounding Wayne is filled with many interesting (and air-conditioned) museums that are fun to explore and not very expensive. You may even learn something new.
  8. Take a trip into the City. Being so close to New York City really has its advantages in the summertime. Make it a day trip with your family or friends! You could explore Times Square, Central Park, the Bronx Zoo, catch a Broadway show and eat some delicious food.
  9. Go to an amusement park. There are so many amusement parks in the area that would make for the best summer day activity. Whether it’s riding some intense roller coasters or floating down the Lazy River, it will definitely be a day complete with newly made memories.
  10. Hang with your friends. With seniors leaving and friends going to different schools, summer may be the last chance to have all of your friends over at one time. Take advantage and plan a pool day, beach day, movie day or simply a hang day with your friends before everyone goes their separate ways.