The Final Problem: Mrs. Stankus Retires

Ariel White, Staff Writer

The soft clicks of the calculator, the scratches of pencil on paper, the soft encouragement of the teacher’s help. That’s an ordinary day in the class of Mrs. Stankus, but not anymore because Mrs. Stankus has finally retired!

Mrs. Stankus, a sweet blonde haired smiling Geometry and Algebra teacher, recently retired after a long history of teaching at Wayne Valley High School. She taught for many years here. Before becoming a WV Indian, she worked at a private school in Wayne. She is also a resident in town and as a result, she truly wants the students to succeed. She knows if they succeed, our whole town succeeds!

When asked about her years at Valley, she replied that she really enjoyed teaching the students, and she said, “I am honored to have worked with such a caring, hard working, and dedicated group of individuals.”

Those who had her would know, she was an incredible teacher, who wanted the best for you. She could be strict but it was always for the best. A 10th grader, Sihana Zuta had her for algebra in 9th grade and she said “I thought she was a great teacher, and I was really upset when I found out she was retiring.” Along with her many other of Mrs. Stankus old students were upset when she retired.

Another 10th grader quoted “ She was a good teacher, but she was very strict, but when I found out she was retiring I was a little worried if the new teacher would be as good as Mrs. Stankus.”

She may be gone from the school, however, it is highly unlikely that anyone will forget Mrs. Stankus.