Therapy Dogs

This year was the first time therapy dogs made their appearance at Wayne Valley, whereas at Wayne Hills, they have visited in years past. The relaxing therapy dogs were the main attraction of the Wellness Fair; students waited in line during periods five, six, seven and eight, to get a chance to pet and interact with the wonderful dogs.

Not only are the dogs adorable, but they work to reduce pain, anxiety, and depression in people with with different health problems. Many hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes bring these dogs to patients to calm them down and brighten their day. Therapy dogs can lower blood pressure and pain, and cause the release of endorphins which calm patients. Not only are these dogs beneficial in a hospital, but also in the classroom. Studies have shown that social, mental, and emotional health is elevated by the presence of therapy dogs in school environments. They lift spirits and provide comfort to those with anxiety proving their therapeutic essence. Recently more and more colleges have begun to provide pet therapy to students to relieve stress. Hopefully you got a chance to meet the dogs during the Wellness Fair and they brightened your day.