2019 Summer Game Watch

If you consider yourself a gamer, then there’s no doubt you are looking for new programs to keep you entertained over the summer. These new releases are some of the most highly anticipated games of summer 2019 and beyond. All players are sure to enjoy them all! Check out the synopsis of each of the top five games below for your next new favorite pastime!

 #1 Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch (Late 2019)

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises of all time, spawning toys, anime, card games, and of course, video games. Pokemon Sword and Shield is the latest video game of the beloved series. It is set in the “Galar region” which is artistically and topographically based off of England. This game will have new Pokemon, new characters, and an entire new region for players to explore and enjoy.

#2 Psychonauts 2 (TBD 2019)

Psychonauts 2 was developed by Double Fine; it is a sequel to the cult-classic Psychonauts. Played in a third person perspective, gamers will play as the main character, Rasputin. This character is a preteen psychic who is now a full fledged spy. It is expected that the game will play similarly to the first one and will follow Raz’s adventures in order to defeat the enemy.

#3 Borderlands 3 (September 13, 2019)

The long-awaited sequel to Borderlands 2 is coming this fall, with new weapons to choose from. A revamped colorful and wasteland setting awaits players looking to continue the game series. This was developed by Gearbox, the makers of the previous Borderlands games, in addition to another well-known adventure game, We Happy Few. Surely, with that much excitement put into this game, it will definitely take over part of the gaming world.

#4 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (November 15, 2019)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the newest Star Wars game from EA. This is is set between Episodes three and four. The game will follow a jedi that survived the infamous Order 66 and is incognito. The game is supposedly single-player only, which may not go over well with all fans. However, all of that is subject to change, knowing the publisher and their previous releases.

#5 The Outer Worlds (2019)

Developers of Pillars of Eternity, Knights of the Old Republic II, and many more are back at it again with more RPG. The Outer Worlds is directed by people who worked on the original Fallout games. In other words, if you are all about the Fallout experience and want more of New Vegas style stories, then The Outer Worlds is definitely a game for you.