Summer 2019 Fashion!

If the styles for Summer 2019 had to be summed up in just a few words, they could be described as girly yet professional, and extra, 80’s styles. While that sounds absolutely insane, it does make sense once you have a grasp on what is going on in the fashion world right now. Here’s the breakdown on what is coming soon to all storefronts in summer 2019.

    • Naked Floss Heels- Don’t be alarmed by the name, naked sandals just have very small, almost invisible straps, which were said to be nearly as thin as floss, hence the term: “floss heels.” Floss heels were very popular in 2018, and have continued to be worn with mild popularity since. Their biggest season yet is projected to be this summer, and it’s recommended to have a pair stored in your closet to dress down with jeans and a coordinating babydoll tee or dress up with a dress and off-the-shoulder jacket.
    • High-Cut Swimsuits- Everyone has been missing these since they were last popular in the eighties. These bathing suits often are patterned and include a high-waisted bottom and a top with a tie in the front or a sweetheart neckline. Whether your favorite look is a bikini or a one piece, these will be available in every style, color, and print imaginable this summer.
    • Cherry Prints- Except for Katy Perry in 2017, and a brief trending period last summer, we haven’t seen much of this iconic print. Cherries typically are associated with summer vibes and styles. This print, along with daisies and palm leaves, become very popular on shorts, tops, bathing suits, sunglasses, and even shoes for the few short months of summer a year.
    • White Jeans- Nice, classic, and slightly basic, white jeans have once again made the list of summer must haves. These can be dressed up with a blouse or off the shoulder top, or made casual with a graphic tee.
    • Gladiator Sandals- I have a guess about the origin of this trend… These are my personal favorite shoe for the coming season, these sandals have become very popular in the past few years. While they aren’t as easy to put on as some Birkenstocks, they do have payoff when it comes to elevating outfits to the next level. Overall, I think there’s no doubt that gladiator sandals are pretty cool, and here to stay.
    • Lavender Tones- Typically, these are seen in the springier range of colors, but this year, lavenders are becoming more of a summer classic. It seems like these days, purple is everyone’s favorite color anyways. This color raged in popularity this past winter and spring and seems to be carrying over to the coming months. So go ahead, jump on the bandwagon and wear lavender on lavender, because right now, monotone is totally in style.
    • Suit Jackets- Suit jackets are in, sometimes worn oversized, and other times properly fitted to give a broad shoulder-small waist silhouette. These make it easy to dress up a pair of boring jeans. Sometimes, suit jackets and blazers are sold specially with a matching or coordinating skirt as well. On the contrary, adding a colorful suit jacket to a neutral outfit can bring just the pop it needs and tie the whole look together.

This summer, these styles and many, many more will become popular (especially since trends nowadays last about three seconds). The world of fashion is so interesting and constantly changing, but it is important to remember that distinguishing and loving your own personal style can be just as important as keeping up with what celebrities and models on the catwalk are wearing. Try staying cool this summer and beating the heat by wearing out some of these awesome 2019 trends.