Senior Goodbye – Noel James

Noel James, Editor In Chief

When I joined Newspaper Club freshman year, I had no idea what Indesign or Photoshop did, and honestly, I’m still not sure if I have uncovered even ⅛ of these programs’ capabilities. Despite my daily reminders of what each cursor means, my time at Smoke Signals, from layout editor to Editor-in-Chief, has instilled life-long lessons, friendships, and memories in me that will carry me on throughout my life. Although joining Newspaper Club was a spontaneous and unplanned decision, it has been a consistency in these past four years that has made my high school experience all the better.

If I am to give any insight of how to survive, and hopefully enjoy high school, it would be to take risks and get involved. There are so many undiscovered passions and experiences that you can miss out on if you do not take the leap and sign up for a club or join a team. You can learn so much about yourself and your potential when branching out of your comfort zone.

Looking back on my last four years, I can understand the motto “it all works out how it is meant to” in a new light. It truly works out in the end and it does no good to worry more than you need to about the future. You only have one chance to live in the moment, so why not choose to be in the present.

I am so grateful for my high school for teaching and allowing me to grow as an individual and a leader. High school may be the best or worst years of some people’s lives, but it will always be a period of time that truly transforms you and defines the person you are. So carpe diem!