Wayne Valley stepped it up in 2019 with their very first lip dub! Students represented their club or sport by lip syncing to their team’s favorite song. The school loved the idea implemented by our very own Wayne Valley TV Production class!

Leader of the project, Senior, Christina Solla is a part of the Wayne Valley TV Production class and predicted that this would be a great way for the whole school to get together and make memories. The Lipdub was first heard about when Wayne Hills High School created their own this past year. Christina explained, “I knew a girl who did it and she produced it too. I talked to her about it because I was interested in it!” Since Wayne Hills did one, Wayne Valley TV had to join the trend. Once Tv Production decided that the Lipdub was happening, Christina watched many different schools’ Lipdub and thought they looked so fun. She then explained “I also wanted to make a video that brought the school together.”


The Lipdub seems so much fun but can you imagine all the work that must take place for it to all work out? I couldn’t, so I asked Christina how she did it! “So much work! I had to track people down and beg them to get involved, organize what days to film, and coordinate what the groups would do. I don’t know what I would’ve done without everyone who helped me.” Christina had some help from Wayne Valley TV Production, Mr. P, and Mr. Drozjock.

We know that the participants had fun being in the video but we asked Christina if she had fun planing it, “When it was happening it was a lot of fun because the captains, teams, and clubs came to the shoot with a lot of energy and it was a lot of fun seeing my idea come together.” Many students at Wayne Valley aren’t in a sport or club and we now know that to be in the Lipdub, you sing with your team or club. What happens if you aren’t on a team or club? No worries! If you want to be in it just let Christina know and she will find a place for you. They had the entire senior class in one part and we had people in the background of certain parts so everyone was involved and apart of something.


Since a lot of planning went into this, we wanted to make sure everything went as planned for Christina. She explained “Yes! It went very well for the first time, I can thank Mrs. Damer and the rest of my tv class for that! Jacob Getz did an awesome job filming. I think it was successful because so many people were excited about it, and it came out so good. Of course, not everything was perfect but who cares? The fact that we were allowed to do this was so great and shows the success of the class run by Damer”. We aren’t sure if this will be an annual event at Wayne Valley, but it is up to the next TV Production Students!