What should you be listening to?

Rachel Herschbein, Staff Writer

Since the start of 2019, artists and bands have rocked the music world (no pun intended) and released tons of new music, topping the charts and setting new records. Here’s what you need to be listening to to stay on beat (pun not intended, again) for 2019.

I’d suppose that everyone knows about Ariana Grande’s new album, thank u, next, whose songs quickly topped the Billboard charts and led for six weeks straight. The album was released on February 8th, and the song “7 Rings” still tops the Pop charts as of March 2019. Speaking of topping the charts, Ariana Grande set a Pop chart record, with her ranking giving her four number one songs since July 2018. Her song, ‘Thank U, Next” held the top spot on both the Hot 100 for seven weeks and the Pop chart for six weeks.

Another record setter, Halsey, has just become the first artist in history to replace herself as the #1 song on the Billboard Pop chart twice. Her song, “Without Me” held the number one spot for five weeks. Other recent releases from Halsey include “Eastside” with Benny Blanco and Khalid and “11 Minutes” with Yungblud and Travis Barker. As of mid-March, “Eastside” and “Without Me” hold the number two and three spots on the Pop charts, respectively.

As for the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the number one song is the Jonas Brothers’ new song, “Sucker”. Though this was released just a few weeks ago, Jonas fans everywhere have gone crazy for their favorite 2000s boy band’s new music. The release of “Sucker” has also skyrocketed the numbers on the Jonas Brothers’ other songs, their Spotify monthly listeners now totaling to over 14 million.

Other new music includes that by Billie Eilish, who has released two singles to tease her new album, WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? which is set to release on March 29th. Lana Del Rey is also releasing a new album on the 29th. Additionally, Rihanna, blackbear. and The 1975 have new albums announced, but with dates to be determined.

All in all, these new songs and albums are definitely what you should be listening to this year if you want to be on trend in the pop music world. Other than just these albums, there are so many more new releases coming later this year, and it’s clear that no matter your music preference, all these new songs will ensure that you won’t have to look further than 2019.