Winter Track Season Highlights


With April fast approaching, a short reminiscence of winter is perhaps the best way to truly experience the beauties of the spring season. This winter, many of our athletes contended with a variety of sports, ranging from wrestling, swimming, and basketball. While these sports have performed quite well in their separate leagues, a sport that is often unrecognized has come into the spotlight: winter track. This year’s track team has seen a nice growth of runners and throwers alike, and the success has blossomed as well. This year’s team had Julia Philp, Milica Rodic, Lauren Passaglia, and Tammy McNutt go as far as Group stages with their 4×400 meter relay team. On the boys team, Jack Herskovits (400m), Brian Smith (55m), Ali Gega (55m Hurdles), and Kenny Lemley (1600m and 3200m) have all faired well in their respective events. On the field side of things, Milica Rodic and Anthony DePalma each had satisfying seasons high jumping 5 ft-0 in and 5 ft-8 in, respectively. Gianna Lamorges and Rick Ruggerio had impressive shot-put throws as well. Lamorges threw 30 ft-4 in and Ruggerio a 41 ft-10.25 in. Yet, even with these accomplishments, many are not satisfied, often looking beyond this season for the coming year. Mr.Schulman, a predominantly long-distance coach, sums it up best: “I’m optimistic about the future of winter track because there was a bunch a people that had a lot of potential. I hope to get more people because the more we have, the better out we will be.”