Preview: The Cast of Little Shop of Horrors

“I think that Little Shop of Horrors has been considered a ‘cult classic’ for so long because of the unforgettable story line of a florist whose new plant has gone terribly [bad]. The classic songs and scenes are sure to be recognized by all!” says freshman Abigail Thomas, a member of the Wayne Valley Theater, in regards to the spring musical. Little Shop of Horrors, which runs Thursday, April 4 to Saturday, April 6, tells the wild story of a florist and a fly trap. When the florist’s employee, Seymour, discovers a new fly trap species, it proves highly profitable in the shop. However, the plant can only be fed by blood, and Seymour is forced to comply in order to maintain the business. Featuring original songs such as “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Suddenly Seymour”, the cast and crew are extremely excited for their opening night.

The complete cast of Little Shop of Horrors stars Gerald Cetrulo, Natalie Cattuna, Louis Messercola, Sophia Monte, Sabrina Shah, Gianna DiTucci, Jason Tobias, Arnelda Selmani, Liam Rogan, Deanna Thomas, Frank Ruggerio, Allison Girardi, Marin Tarpey, Samantha Pricken, Skylar Tanski, Nicole Giardino, Maya Charles, Katrina Walles, Jill SanPascual, Justin Oswald, Grace Martino, Emily Westpfal, Calista Toussas, and Abigail Thomas.

In order to truly bring the show to life, the actors and actresses work to connect with their characters’ unique personalities. Senior Natalie Cattuna reveals, “In the show, I play Audrey, an employee at Mushnik’s florist. She is a main female character, and a romantic interest for Seymour. Audrey is so loving and kind and tries to see the best in everyone, even when there isn’t any good to see. Unfortunately, this can put her in situations where bad people can take advantage of her good nature.” Sophomore Frank Ruggerio also adds that each actor and actress has “put their own spin on their characters”.

Not only are wonderful memories made onstage in front of a crowd, but the cast becomes closer at every rehearsal. “My favorite memory from rehearsal was our first read-through,” says sophomore Maya Charles. “Everyone was really excited about what we would be working on for the next few months. It was really cool seeing everyone’s reactions to the story, and being able to fully talk about and understand what the show meant to us, and how we would portray that meaning to an audience.”

Ruggerio, who is responsible for the fly trap (Audrey II), believes that the hardest part of bringing the show to life is controlling the puppet onstage. Regardless of this challenge, Ruggerio notes, “We’ve tried to make our show as original as possible. We’ve built the set from scratch in hopes of making it as close to how we envisioned it.”

For many members of the cast, acting and singing aren’t restricted to the high school theater. Junior Sabrina Shah has been taking voice lessons and performing in shows for years. Ever since she began, her dream has been to study musical theater in college and sing on a Broadway stage.

In the end, the cast agrees that the show wouldn’t be the same without the close bonds that have formed between every member. “Crew has inspired me in so many ways,” Ruggerio adds. “Although we’re a small group, it’s honestly like a big family. They’ve inspired me to keep trying and trying and to never give up. No matter the situation, the toughest times, or how much I just want to quit something, they’ve told me to keep striving forth and to make the best of it.”

Ultimately, the whole cast is thrilled to bring their fun, hilarious musical to the Wayne Valley Theater! Senior Sophia Monte exclaims, “I am most excited to share the stage one last time with all of my high school friends and for people to come see it!”

Come support your classmates at Little Shop of Horrors! Showtimes are Thursday, April 4 at 7:30 pm; Friday, April 5 at 7:30 pm; and Saturday, April 6 at 2:00 and 7:30 pm! Tickets, which cost $12 for student admission and $15 for general admission, can be purchased at the door.