Senior Lunch Spots!

With Spring approaching, Seniors may find themselves wanting to go out to eat more often. If you are getting bored of eating at home everyday or out at the same two places, find solace in a few new places you can find below.

Hamburg Turnpike is home to Vinnie’s and Jersey Mike’s: two fan favorites among students. Standing right next to each other, these lunch spots make it easier for friends with different tastes to buy what they want, whether it’s sandwiches at Jersey Mikes or pizza at Vinnies. There is also a new mexican restaurant named Guacamole, and a Sweet Berry Bowls, opened up in the same area.

We also have some good options right across the street! With Neils for pizza, Munchies for mexican, Bagel Stop for bagels, and Time Out for sandwiches, there are many options for those who want to stay close. Within the forty minute periods, the time saved can truly add up.

Of course, when on a budget, fast food may do the trick. With a Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Popeye’s and a Burger King within 5 minutes of the school, there is no shortage of cheap options.